oWuhan Ensang Tech focus on complex PCB board design and research on signal integrity, providing clients with powerful technical support.
oWe adhere to high standards, strict requirements and high efficiency,We hold as our aim the customer satisfaction,we hold as our responsibility the improvement in the design quality of PCB at board level and s y s t e m-level. 
oStrive to be the industry's most professional, most rapid, the most intimate PCB design company.
oOur company has several passionate senior engineer on PCB design, hardware design, SI design with more than five years experience who have involved in commercial switches and other communications products, industrial control panels, mobile phones and other radio frequency board, VOIP and other audio and video complex board design, and have an experience on handling high-speed serial and parallel signals such as Display Port, Infiniband, XAUI, SFI, XFI, HIGIG, SAS, SATA, PCIe, DDR \ DDR2 \ DDR3. 
oWe are honored to serve you with our professional technical service, your trust will be our greatest encouragement, your praise will be our boundless glory, your cooperation will bring you valuable result.
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