Technical Strength

Communication board design


1. Including multiple SGMII, XUAI, HIGIG +, SFI and other high-speed serial signals, DDR2 and other high-speed parallel signal.

2. Controlling the quality of the parallel signal, the timing margin and the serial signal insertion loss and return wave loss.

Industrial Control board design

  Making sure that PCB has high reliability under adverse conditions. For example, industrial motherboard components need to adapt to a wide temperature environment (-20 °~ 60 °). Making sure that the board could work in the harsh environment (permanent start in lifetime, bad weather, humidity, vibration, dust, radiation, high temperature etc). We use more than 6 layers PCB circuit board design, which is designed to strengthen the board's resistance to electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility, and enhance the stability of the motherboard and so on.

RF board design

  RF PCB design is relatively simple, but the design requirements are the most demanding among PCB board. It has a highly demanding requirement on EMI, impedance, heat, board selection, PCB board process. We have many years experience in engaging in WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA on the PA, LNA's PCB design.

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