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Job Title: PCB Design Engineer
   1. Electronic or related college degree or above (we could lower the standards for candidates with excellent background);
   2.    2 years of Layout experience;
   3. Familiar with one or more of the PADS, Expedition, Allegro, Altium designer design tools;
   4. Familiar with a variety of electronic components, with analog circuits, digital circuits and other hardware knowledge;
   5. Designed high-speed PCB, have a deep understanding on electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic interference and signal integrity ;
   6. Understanding PCB processing and SMT technology;
   7. Peolpe who have team spirit, willing to work with love and dedication.



 Job Title: Signal Integrity Engineer
   1.8 years or more experience in simulation and test of electronic products, have a good understanding on SerDes, PLL design, LVDS, SSTL, HSTL, CML, and other high-performance IO technology, mastering in the s y s t e m link analysis methods and tools usage;

   2. Mastering the usage of  Ansoft SIwave, HFSS, Sigrity, ADS, HyperLynx, Specctraquest simulation tools;
   3. Accomplishing signal integrity, timing, power integrity and high-speed link simulation work proposed by the hardware work;
   4. With basic circuit konwleage such as the basic theory of modern communication technologies, digital signal processing circuit theory.



 Job Title: Senior EMC Engineer
   1. Microwaves, electromagnetic compatibility and related professional degree or above;
   2. English: Cet-4 or above in English;
   3. Three years of relevant work experience, having work experience on TUV, CCC, FCC, UL certification of the product;
   4. Equipped with rich electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products and safety knowledge, candidates with high-speed PCB design experience is preferred;
   5.1 years of work experience in large-scale EMC team with good communication skills and team spirit;
   6. Has a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated, able to work under pressure



Hoping that the ambitious engineers could join us and seek long-term development!

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